What is willpower?

“New studies suggest that we’ve been thinking about willpower all wrong, and that the theory of ego depletion isn’t true.

Even worse, holding on to the idea that willpower is a limited resource can actually be bad for you, making you more likely to lose control and act against your better judgment.”

Very interesting read! Discusses treating willpower like an emotion. Just click the image below to read more on Time.


My article is live!

Although this is not my first rodeo, I am very excited to have my article posted on US Market Access Center (USMAC), which is a non-profit business accelerator located in Silicon Valley (from San Francisco to San Jose). US MAC helps International tech companies obtain fast and successful access to the US market. Just click the US MAC logo below for the article and be sure to pass it along 🙂 Many thanks!

You can also download and view the article as a .PDF here:

Building Your Startup “Dream Team” in the USA, by Melissa Glass

Removing the stigma on nail-biters…

By the discovery of Slitrk5…

Finally, pathological grooming is getting its own chapter in the revised DSM and not just being written off as a condition of OCD. Read on to find out more at www.npr.org and check out the video below:

One cute little Waterbear…

I never thought I would consider a microorganism to be cute, but this is one special little bugger! Click the pic below to find out why!

How Does the Tiny Waterbear Survive in Outer Space?

Robo roach!

I have never been a fan of cockroaches as I remember chasing them around the house back home and smacking them with my Dad’s shoe. But I guess this just goes to show that the critters perhaps shouldn’t be smushed. I guess you can be the judge by clicking the pic below:


The ever changing reference level of 100-Meter sprinters…

It really is quite incredible to see how fast men and women have become in the track and field arena compared to where they were many moons ago. This little video really brings to light just how far men have come in the 100-Meter sprint. Just click the picture below to check it out:

Olympic Gymnastics: Spoiler Alert!

Who said gymnastics has to be all stress and no fun? Paul Hunt shows us the lighter side of gymnastics:

But in all seriousness, a big shout out to Gabby Douglas, USA’s all-around gymnastics gold medalist! Click the pic for just one of the many breaking news articles:

Gabby Douglas: USA’s all-around women’s gymnastics gold medalist

Better than an emoticon.

What mood am I in today? Better yet, what kind of music will coincide with that mood? Enter StereMood, the musical mood-ring, and best of all, it’s free! Check it out by clicking the image below:

What kind of mood are you in today?

I need to print this out and put it on my fridge…


’nuff said!

For the love of books…

As more and more people make the shift from books with tangible pages that you can turn and feel, to electronic reading devices, an artist shows us just how beautiful books can be in a very different artistic sense. I give you, carved book landscapes by Guy Laramee. Click the picture below for more amazing book sculptures!

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