About Me

My resume sums up my work experience, but if we are talking about myself as a person, one cannot do that on one sheet of paper. So here is my story…

Born and raised in Dallas, TX, I grew up in a very cosmopolitan home as my family all hail from South Africa. Due to this fact, my parents made sure that I saw the world and experienced other cultures which included England, France, Scotland, South Africa, Israel, Costa Rica, Puerto Rico, Canada, Colombia and Australia.  Of course, there are still plenty of places for me to visit, but I am lucky to have made it out of the states that many times and to so many great places.

Once I graduated from high school, my desire to travel and try new cities was there, so I began to apply to schools all over the states. I chose Miami because to tell you the truth, I fell in love with the campus. The tropical environment was the place for me. I loved it there, although I did transfer to UT Austin in TX my Junior year to pursue what I thought would be my future career; Kinesiology. I had the notion of being a nutritionist as I was already a fitness a instructor. I enjoyed working out and helping others achieve their fitness goals. As I began to take the required courses, I soon realized that I was not truly passionate about this field, and that perhaps health and fitness should simply remain a hobby, and not extend into a career.

It was at this time in Austin that I began to dabble in events and promotions with local venues downtown. I enjoyed being at the forefront of what was happening around the city, learning the ins and outs of ATX, and sharing this with my peers. That is when I decided that perhaps Communications would be a better fit for me, and what better place to pursue this degree than in Miami, FL! So I went back to the University of Miami and majored in Public Relations, Studio Art (Photography) and minored in Marketing. I never looked back. I had finally found my calling.

Once back in Miami I began pursuing internships that would help me experience my major in the working world, and in the end, it helped me to obtain a job at the SF Weekly when I moved to San Francisco in 2009. After working there for a year and a half, it was time to move away from print media. I hope print media will continue to find its place in this ever digitized world, but unfortunately there is not a lot of room for growth financially nor personally in this field.

Since that time, I continued to work in events and marketing, but eventually broke away from large corporations, to smaller companies, until I finally found myself in the world of startups and entrepreneurs. And that is where I am today!

My LinkedIn profile reflects each of my internship and work experiences starting with the most recent and working back. My resume (below) highlights my most recent work. Please do not hesitate to contact me for any needed elaboration or references.

Click here for my LinkedIn Profile.

Printable resume // Click here to view.



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